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Colorado State Senate

(Democrats control the senate 19-16)

We need to keep the senate in order to maintain our trifecta (Gov-House-Senate) which has enabled Colorado to pass tons of progressive legislation since 2018. 

Paula Dickerson

Democrat Paula Dickerson is challenging Republican Incumbent Kevin Priola for the seat which Democrats controlled until 2016.  In 2016 Republicans won the seat 52.1% to 47.9%.  This is a winnable seat that will help us maintain our majority trifecta.  Ms. Dickerson is an educator and union member. Her top issues are education, paid family leave, fixing TABOR, health care, a woman’s right to choose and protecting the environment.  


Her opponent, Senator Priola, believes in protecting TABOR, protecting Colorado’s heritage, expanding domestic oil and gas exploration, protecting private property rights and ending a woman’s right to choose.


Tough choice NOT!!  Thank you Senator Priola but until I can tell you when to get a vasectomy, don’t tell me what do to with my body.

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Chris Kolker

Democrat Chris Kolker is challenging Republican Suzanne Staiert.  In 2016 Republicans won the seat 53.4% to 46.6%.  The district is 30.5% Republican, 28.3% Democratic and 39.8% Independent.


Chris Kolker’s issues are gun safety, education, transportation, labor rights, paid family leave, a woman’s right to choose, universal healthcare, protecting the environment, PERA, immigration, economic inequality, affordable housing and criminal justice reform.


Chris’ opponent, Suzanne Staiert stands for reducing red tape for small businesses, in-person and distance learning during the pandemic (parent’s choice not teachers, not health departments).   She hasn’t taken stands on her website on health care, TABOR, immigration, reproductive rights, the minimum wage, environmental issues, gun safety, pandemic response, transportation, criminal justice or anything else her constituents might care about. However, she is a well know lawyer who represents the group Due Date Too Late, the group fighting to get the the 22 week abortion ban Ballot Measure on this Novembers Ballot.  But that is not all  click here to learn more about this shady candidate.

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David Ortiz

David Ortiz is running for House District #38. It is the one house district we have the best chance of flipping from Republican to Democratic.  


David is an American hero who was paralyzed when his helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.  Since the crash, David has spent his time advocating on behalf of others like Katrina evacuees, veterans and the military community.  David will be a strong advocate for better healthcare, education, gun safety and affordable housing among other issues.


David is running a fantastic campaign but needs our help to flip this seat.

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