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U.S. Senate 

Republicans control the U.S. Senate 53-47.  With Doug Jones likely to lose his senate seat, we need to flip 5 seats to take control of the senate if we don’t win the presidency and 4 seats if Biden wins.  The top targeted senate seats are (in order):  Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Maine, Montana, Iowa, Georgia (Perdue seat).  If Kris Kobach wins his senate primary, then Kansas will be added to that list.  We’d like to get rid of Mitch McConnell, but the way to get rid of him isn’t to take his seat (as another ass would just replace him) but to take away his majority.  To do that we need to concentrate on the more winnable seats until polling and fundraising tells us the Republicans have given up.  



Former Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is running to take Republican Cory Gardner’s U.S. Senate seat.  


Hickenlooper is for protecting our democracy, equity for all, immigration reform, national security that sees Putin as a threat not a friend, LGBTQ Equality, decriminalizing marijuana, reproductive rights, protecting our environment, education for the workforce of the future, gun control and a public option for the ACA.


Gardner is for the rich and Donald Trump and all the policies and acts that have severely damaged our country, our health, our unity, our image abroad and our economy.  


Hickenlooper needs our help in his effort to win back the senate and get rid of Mitch McConnell:



U.S. House (Right Wing Nut Job Alert!)

Colorado U.S. House District 3 (Pueblo and most of the Western Slope)

Diane Mitsch Bush is running for Rep. Scott Tipton’s seat.  Scott Tipton unexpectedly lost his primary to Lauren Boebert,  a gun-toting, anti-mask, right wing nut job making this seat suddenly competitive.  For that reason, Diane needs our help as it was thought it would be a tough race with Tipton.  In 2018 Tipton got 51.96% of the vote to 43.33% for Diane.  The libertarian got 1.6% and the independent got 3.11%.  In 2020 a libertarian and an unity party candidate made the ballot.


Diane is for public lands, reducing health care costs, expanding opportunity through union support, job training and addressing student debt, funding infrastructure, reproductive rights, passing DACA, ending Citizen’s United, protecting civil rights.


Boebert is pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-energy, anti-mask lunatic who is endorsed by Bikers for Trump.  She is EXTREME in her views.  


We need to do everything we can to prevent Boebert from going to congress.  Diane can win this if she has the money to get her message out.  We can help her.


Diane Mitsch Bush Needs Our Help:


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